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Special Budgie 20kg

No 1 Canary 20kg

Plain Canary 20kg

Cockatiel 20kg

Large Parakeet

No 1 Parrot 12.75kg

Foreign Finch 20kg

Johnston + Jeff:

Parrot Fruit 12.75kg

Low Sunflower Diet 12.75kg

Fruity Parakeet 12.75kg

Cage Bird Condition 12.75kg

Soak Seed 12.75kg

From budgies, finches and canaries to cockatiels and parrots, we stock a range of food and treats, both in large sacks and smaller bags.

We stock Bucktons and Versale-Laga pigeon feed.  Caged bird seeds are from Bucktons and Johnston and Jeff.

We also stock wooden, plastic and rope perches as well as a wide selection of parrot and bird toys.


Best All Round 20kg

Gerry Plus 20kg

Superwidowhood 20kg

Junior UK Breed + Wean 20kg


Superwidowhood 20kg

Young Bird 20kg

High Protein 20kg

Pigeon Condition 20kg

Breeding 20kg

J+J Four Seasons

Eggfood:  Emp 1kg   Orlux 1kg

To Order:  Okebird Moist/Dry 10kg


Sandsheets, Cuttlefish, Millet Sprays and Bird Medication: