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Enclosed and deep cat litter trays in stock:


Kitten 2kg £16.99         Indoor 2kg £15.99

Sensible 2kg £14.99   Beauty 1.5kg £11.50

Fit 2kg £14.99            Ragdoll 2kg £18.99

Light 2kg £15.25         Hairball 2kg £15.25

Oral Care 1.5kg £12.99

We stock premium dry cat food from Royal-Canin as well as the popular Burgess Supacat brand.

We stock several types of cat treats, from Webbox Sticks to Whiskas Temptations and Dreamies.

We stock a large range of cat and kitten collars:

Several of the cat and kitten toys available:

Supacat 1.5/2kg: £3.75

Supacat 10kg £17.99

Go Cat 10kg £21.50

Harringtons 2kg £4.35

We have a selection of cat scratchers in stock:

Different cat beds and mats in stock:

Catnip Drops, Webbox Cat Sticks, Whiskas Temptations, Dreamies and Felix Goody Bags are all available:

Cat Litters:

Catsan 20L £10.50

Kittydri 20L £6.70

Sanicat 30L £8.25

Woodbased 30L £8.50

Thomas 16L £6.99

BreederCelect 20L £8.25

Catsan Smart Pack 4L £6.99

Bob Martin Litter Crystals  £3.99

Bob Martin Felight 10L £3.49

Pettex Clumping Litter £6.99

Catsan Smart Pack 4ltr

Cat carriers available:

Cat Scratchers: Lots of different varieties available: