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Naturediet and Forthglade. A full Case of Naturediet is £13.70 and Forthglade starts at £15.95 a tray.

James Wellbeloved Pouches 73p each, Full Case £7.20

James Wellbeloved:

Small Breed 1.5kg  £7.55

Light Turkey 1.5kg  £6.25

Senior Turkey 2kg  £7.55

Puppy/Junior Lamb/Turkey 2kg £7.55

James Wellbeloved:

Adult Lamb 2kg  £7.55

Adult Turkey 2kg  £7.55

Adult Fish 2kg  £7.55

Adult Duck 2kg  £7.55

Chappie 15kg £18.99

Beta Chicken 14kg £26.50

Beta Lamb 14kg £26.50

Beta Large Breed 14kg £26.50

Beta Puppy 14kg £29.99

James Wellbeloved Puppy Lamb/Turkey 15kg £44.99

James Wellbeloved Adult Lamb/Turkey 15kg £43.50

James Wellbeloved Adult Duck/Fish 15kg £43.50

James Wellbeloved Large Breed Lamb 15kg £43.50

James Wellbeloved Senior Lamb/Turkey 15kg £44.99

James Wellbeloved Light Turkey  12.5kg £37.99

James Wellbeloved Grain Free 10kg £37.99

Royal Canin Maxi/Med Junior 15kg £44.99

Royal Canin Maxi/Medium Adult 15kg £42.99

Royal Canin Mini Adult 8kg £30.99

Royal Canin Maxi Sensible 15kg £44.99

Royal Canin Maxi Light 15kg £47.50

Royal Canin Medium Light 13kg £41.50

Arden Grange Sensitive 12kg  £39.99

Arden Grange Chicken  12kg  £28.50

Arden Grange Large Breed 12kg £29.99

Iams Small/Medium And Large Breed 12kg £26.50

Burns Lamb/Chicken/Pork+Potato 15kg £44.50

Arkwrights 15kg



We stock a wide range of complete dog foods, click on a supplier for further information:

We have a well stocked freezer with products from AMP Prize Choice

Supadog Active 15kg  £14.99

Supadog Adult Beef/Chicken 15kg £14.99

Supadog Greyhound and Lurcher 12.5kg £14.99

Supadog Mature/Light/Puppy 12.5kg  £16.99

Supadog Sensitive Lamb/Turkey/Salmon 12.5kg £25.99

Country Value Greyhound 15kg £10.99

Skinners Crunchy 15kg £20.99

Skinners Working 23 15kg  £17.99

Skinners Duck 15kg  £24.50

Skinners Muesli 15kg £18.50

Skinners Salmon 15kg £26.99

Skinners Puppy 15kg  £28.50

Redmills Racer 15kg  £13.99

Wagg 12kg  £9.99

Wagg Worker 17kg  £10.99

Wagg Puppy 12kg  £14.25

Wagg Sensitive 12kg £15.99

Harringtons 15kg Lamb/Turkey  £23.25

            Harringtons Salmon 12kg   £21.50

Supadog Sensitive:

Adult Lamb 2kg  £5.50

Adult Turkey 2kg  £5.50

Adult Salmon 2kg  £5.50


Adult Beef 2.5kg  £3.75

Adult Chicken 2.5kg  £3.75

Active 2.5kg  £3.50

Puppy 2kg  £4.25


Adult Chicken 2kg £7.55

Adult Lamb 2kg £7.55

Sensitive Duck 2kg £7.75

Sensitive Fish 2kg £7.49

Sensitive Pork And Potato 2kg £7.95

Puppy 2kg £7.55


Adult Lamb 2.5kg £6.25

Adult Chicken 2.5kg £6.25

Puppy Chicken 2.5kg £6.65

Royal Canin:

Mini Adult 2kg  £10.75

Mini Junior 2kg  £10.99

Mini Mature 2kg  £10.99

Mini Sensible 2kg  £10.99

Mini Light 2kg  £10.99

X-Small Junior 1.5kg  £9.25

X-Small Adult 1.5kg  £8.99

X-Small Mature 1.5kg  £9.25

Sensitive and hypoallergenic dog foods:

As well as wet foods such as Naturediet and Forthglade, above, we also stock a wide range of dry foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  Most popular is Burgess Sensitive which comes in 2kg and 12.5kg sizes, shown below:

We also sell Skinners Salmon and Skinners Duck, both hypoallergenic.  James Wellbeloved is also stocked in Lamb, Turkey, Duck and Fish flavours.  We stock Arden Grange in Chicken, Large Breed Chicken, and Sensitive varieties.  

We also sell hypoallergenic and gluten free treats, as shown below:

At the cheaper end of the scale we stock Dr John Hypoallergenic 15kg and Harringtons in small and large bags:

We also have a wheat free Mixer biscuit, Laughing Dog 10kg at £15.99

15kg Sacks of Burns in Chicken, Lamb and Pork are now in stock, as well as the 2kg varieties.  We also do a loyalty scheme where you can claim a free 2kg or 15kg bag.

Full Box Prices For Frozen Foods (12 packs per box)

Tripe £10.95                    Rabbit  £10.80

Chicken £10.25                  Chicken + Liver £10.25    

All Beef £10.80                Beef + Chicken £10.25    

Chicken And Tripe £10.80        2kg Chicken £4.45

Beef And Tripe £10.80            2kg Tripe £4.75

Lamb  £10.80                        2kg Beef £4.85

Dented Cat Tins 12 x 400g   £4.75

Dented Dog Tins 12 x 400g  £4.75

Gelert Country Choice 12 x 400g  £6.25

Dylan Working Dog Tins 12 x 400g  £4.99